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Money Talks With Kristyn Alexis

Allow me to introduce my homegirl Kristyn. She is a career mama and amazing Youtuber. I found her almost 4 years ago and have been rocking with her ever since. She inspires me so much from being a mom and a career woman to slaying the Youtube streets. I was so honored a few weeks ago that she invited me to her channel to share my knowledge of expertise of the budgeting realm. I jumped for the opportunity because I mean one, it's Kristyn and two, it‘s Kristyn! No seriously, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and this was the perfect way for us to collab.

After my interview with her, I said "I think she needs to share her journey too". It is always inspiring when I get a chance to witness people around me getting their money lives together. I watched her go gazelle intense in a matter of months and I was in awe. So let's have a chat with her and see how she got started on the journey and tips she can share with us.

What was your light bulb moment for getting started with your Debt Free Journey?

"My light bulb moment was watching Aja Dang and seeing her accomplish her Debt-free goals. It made me feel like I was behind and needed to catch up!"

You recently sold your car to lower your monthly expenses. Can you share in brief your thoughts and emotions with the decision? Was your husband immediately onboard?

"Dave Ramsey always talks about increasing the size of your debt-free shovel and how a bigger shovel helps you achieve your debt-free goals faster. I wanted to reduce my monthly car payment and speed up my debt-free journey so this was the best path for me to do just that!"

How has your journey been impacted by the pandemic?

"The pandemic has increased my drive to accomplish my debt-free goals faster. It had brought to my awareness the risk of holding debt, especially in a down economy. I have more motivation to achieve my goals and do it faster than ever before."

Have you explained your journey to the kids and how do they feel about it?

"I have explained to my bonus daughter and how I want her to have money saved and build wealth. We also explained what we’re doing and how being home due to COVID has helped us."

What is your top money-saving or budgeting hack you’ve learned?

"My top money-saving strategy comes from you, Michelle. Planning our meals for breakfast lunch and dinner so that we don’t overspend at the grocery store."

What would you tell someone who is struggling to get started or scared to start?

Start where you are because the simple act of telling your money where to go and stopping frivolous spending puts you so much further ahead than doing nothing."

Kristyn's energy is so contagious and I am so thankful to have her in my corner.

Make sure you head over to her channel and follow her journey. As she learns, she shares! She is truly a woman who is about helping others to live their best life unapologetically!

Kristyn's Channel:

Kristyn's IG:

You can check out the Money Talks video we did together here:

It's your life! Create the life you want now!

Until Next time Besties!

KK Bye!!

I am really happy that I was able to participate in the #BLMPlannerChallenge. Thank You soo much to @QueensFancyPlans and @Katiedid_plans for putting it together. There are some amazing spreads and great videos out there that I really hope you will take a moment out of your day to go watch.

I created this kit to push me further into my craft. I wanted something that would stand out and all the sticker books I had left, there was nothing for me to use. So thus I created this kit. I hope you guys enjoy this freebie. Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know you came, you saw, and you downloaded.

Digital Kit (Silhouette Files and PDF)


For those of you that are interested in having this printed, they are $5 plus shipping. Thats the cost of my supplies, I am not trying to come up off of a movement (although I'm black and it would still be supporting the community lol).

Physical Kit:

If you haven't checked out my video, Please head over to my channel, watch all the ads and comment, like, allllll that. Every view helps continue to push us forward.



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