Listen, 2020 was one of the most exhausting and exciting years that I have ever experienced.

I think many of you probably feel like me and was just ready to get the year over. Looked at your vision board for 2020 and said, well I'm alive. It was truly a trying year for all of us but if you're reading this... WE DID IT JOE!

We made it to the new year and now its time to get back to manifesting the life that we want. Time to bring out those vision boards and tell your self this will be the best year yet.

This year I used my Notiq goal setting kit to create my vision board. I kept it kind of simple and just pulled out the words that I wanted to focus on. Those words are: Create, consistent, start & finish, stability, quiet, confident, health & wealth, and REST. All of these encompass my word of the year #BetOnYou.

#BetOnYou is about betting on the you inside of you. Putting that voice to the forefront and doing what you need to do to be the best you. If you bet on you every time, you put the dependence back on your faith and not on others. Just saying that after the year we just had, if you didn't learn that you gotta make sure you are taken care of.... I don't know what to tell you.

Don't let 2021 start without you putting yourself in the right mindset. Remember that everything happens for a reason. In this life we have seasons and you need to be ready when your season comes. So do the prep work and manifest the life you want. Walk into your new season equipped with the right tools to keep your season lasting longer than they expected!

Share below what your word of the year is and why? Let's hold each other accountable. Check out my video here

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Looking forward to see what 2021 has to bring for all of us!

Lets Go Get It!



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The next round of the CARES ACT Stimulus Bill was just passed, here is a quick rundown of what to expect. The internet has been ablaze with some of the most hilarious memes of what the next stimulus checks would look like. The government just passed the Bill December 21 that could arrive to bank accounts near you as early as next week (December 28th) Although the amount is less than the previous, we will be grateful and thankful (that’s all I got).

Here is what you need to know:

  • $600 stimulus is for single adults who make less than $75,000 a year (if you make over that amount your amount will be deduced $5 for each $100 over that amount)

  • Married couples will receive $1200 in total

  • Dependents will receive $600 (up $100 from the $500 given last time)

So a household of two parents and two child dependents would qualify for up to $2,400.

But that isn’t all!

-Unemployment aid will go up an extra $300 a week as well through March 14,2021.

- Social Security Recipients : will automatically receive $600 checks.

-Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will be extended $284 Billion of FORGIVABLE loans. What I liked about this portion was the focus on very small businesses through the Minority Depository Institutions. So minority and women owned businesses, this is your time to make sure you have your affairs in order to get PPP Loan. (No scammers please)

Now I know all of us try to be responsible with our money, so this is just a friendly reminder to make sure to take care of your 4 Walls before going on weekly shopping sprees. Use the money to your advantage. Get ahead and not behind when March comes around. Create a plan of action aka a budget for the extra funds you will be receiving. Treat this money with care and watch it grow!




***Note everyone may not qualify these are just the guidelines to follow to be eligible.

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