I wanted to share this experience with you because honestly, I had an amazing time. I genuinely loved the atmosphere that was created for me to shine in my photos. I channeled every season of Top Model I could remember and it turned out amazing.

I did have a breakout the week of the shoot, but just speaking honestly... the pictures still turned out amazing. You know why? Because they displayed the real me. The acne-prone, fun-loving, show-stopping... ME!

I have another photo shoot scheduled this month and I already started working on my skin so at least it can be a little healthier this time. I didn't realize that the pictures were the missing link to me elevating my brand. From the website to my Instagram it really showed that I was elevating my brand. I am happy and thankful for Lisa who pushed me into doing this. So many times, I told myself that I could just do it myself. I tried and never got the results that I wanted.

So what did I learn from this experience? It's ok to know how but allow someone else to do it for you. Going to Marcus was probably the best thing that could have happened for me in this season. I can't thank him and his team enough for making the experience so amazing. I really felt like a whole star. The E Glam Squad (Lashes: Tay, MUA: Massey Styles, and Wig: @Mac_Wigs ) definitely got your girl together! I'm still smiling thinking about what I had been missing out on.

Here is the behind the scenes look to all of my pictures you have seen me flood your timeline with. I think this helps you understand why I was so geeked about this experience. PS if your reading this you got first dibs on seeing the video because you're apart of the Bestie Squad.

Let me know what you think... Are you ready for the Elevation of E?



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If you know me, then you have probably picked up on my love for tech. It actually holds a special place in my heart because it was that thing my father and I bonded over. His love for computer science trickled over to me and wellllll let’s just say, I’m obsessed.

So when Viv, Owner of Notiq, shared her newest product with me.... I screamed. No, seriously I screamed and then had to gain some sort of composure so I could tell her how amazing this was going to be.

Here's the tea on the new Tech Clutch:

Dimensions & Capacity

  • Height: 25cm or 9.5"

  • Width: 37cm or 14.5"

  • Depth: 1.25cm or 0.5"

  • 13-inch size fits up to a 13-inch MacBook

  • Laptops fit best without a hardshell case

Luxe Details

  • Vegan leather exterior

  • Vegan microsuede lining

  • Lined main compartment

  • Lined back-flap compartment

  • Ultra-chic minimalist design

  • Ultra-lightweight

  • Gold foil branding detail

  • Gold Magnetic closure

  • Water-resistant exterior

  • Easy to clean

  • Handmade

  • Imported

Did I tell you that you get to choose from 16 different colors? Plus you get all these items when you order:

  • 1 Tech Clutch

  • 1 Dust Bag

  • Complimentary shipping within the USA

  • International orders receive a $10 shipping credit (July 1 - 31, 2020)

  • $10 NOTIQ Gift Card - For all orders placed July 1-31, 2020

Check out my unboxing video to see an up-close and personal view of my tech clutches.

Ohhh and I almost forgot, I am giving away the Black Croco Vegan Tech Clutch to one lucky subscriber. You will be instructed to make sure you are following Notiq on Instagram, subscribed to this blog, and to leave a comment. The giveaway will close July 22, 2020 at 11:59pm CST. The winner will be notified and have 48 hours to respond before another winner will be chosen.


Let me know what you guys think about the clutch below!



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More than likely you are here from my video on Youtube. Due to some regulations it isn’t good for me to post the links to things like this on Youtube. I previously requested that people send me DMs on IG but that is becoming overwhelming trying to keep up with message requests. So here is a quick way for you to get them.

If by chance this is your first time seeing this info about the AirPod dupes, please take a minute to watch the video. The video goes into great detail and comparison between the real and the dupes. https://youtu.be/-HcjjSVhGcg. The airpods are still holding up in case you were wondering.

Ordering FYI (Please read)

As always most of my aliexpress links will be “hidden” links. This means that the link will show an item totally unrelated to the product. Depending on the item, you will be able to use the style to pick which item that matches your desired product.

Please never leave any bad feedback without trying to contact the seller first. Do not post pictures in your review. Here is the link: https://bit.ly/2ZJ4mQX

here is the picture that shows up (again it’s a hidden link) as of 7/06/2020. I’ll try to keep it updated when possible in case it changes.