20 Things Before '20

As we approach a whole new decade, I thought it would be a great time to really get in on doing some things to finish out this year strong. Its time to see things differently and instead of just waiting for the new year to arrive, why not get a head start on your best year yet?

Use this list to help you organize the remaining days of the year. I even included more items than just 20, so that you could have a complete list of items to choose from. Let this list guide you into your best year. Make it a goal to complete the list or create your own list to follow.

Here is the list and I have also included a printable for you to print out and check off as you go.

  1. Create your SMART Goals list Create a list of your accomplishments this far in life.

  2. Clean out your wardrobe

  3. Donate those clothes to the GoodWill (increase your tax deduction)

  4. Finish unfinished tasks or remove them completely

  5. Clean out your emails

  6. Clean out your computer files

  7. Schedule your cleaning /physical

  8. Update your resume

  9. Get your oil changed/ tires rotated

  10. Clean out your contact list

  11. Get all the change around your house and put it in the bank

  12. Reconnect with someone you lost touch with

  13. Cut off someone/something before the new decade

  14. Clean up the entire house

  15. Meal plan with your current pantry inventory

  16. Clean out the pantry

  17. Throw away expired makeup

  18. Give an anonymous gift

  19. Take A Day off and live your best last day off before the new decade

  20. Clean out refrigerator

  21. Clean stove

  22. Wash baseboards and high ceiling cobwebs

  23. Clean off ceiling fan blades.

  24. Change linen,

  25. Replace toothbrushes and hairbrushes.

  26. Create a bucket list

  27. Organize electrical cords

  28. Organize the cabinets underneath the sinks (kitchen and bathroom)

  29. Buy new air filters

  30. Get new bath towels

  31. New undergarments

  32. See therapist

  33. Volunteer during the holidays

Let me know below what items you decide to do before the new year!


Elaine Michelle

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