5 Self Care Ideas for Singles On Valentine's Day

So it's Valentine's Day and you have found yourself single. We all wanna be the "Valentine's Day is just a day and it doesn't take all that blah blah blah" person, but truthfully who wouldn't want to be celebrated with love? The thing is you don't have to have someone in order to enjoy the day of love. Take this day and love yourself. You deserve it! Here are 5 Selfcare ideas that you can do this Valentine's Day Weekend. 1. Order in your favorite food. I suggest ordering because you ain't got time to deal with the crowds or maybe you are like me, and seeing all the couples loving and laughing could be a trigger for your unhappy thoughts (I wrote that with sarcasm and a slight hint of bitter betty). Before you get off work, check out Uber Eats. They have some amazing specials at local eateries. Here is a code to save you some bucks or get a free delivery because I Love You. https://www.uber.com/invite/taaxaue .

If cooking is your thing, prepare your favorite like a top chef. Go all out with your apron and talk to your audience. Cooking can be very gratifying in more ways than just filling your stomach. Enjoy the smells that awaken your senses when you cook. Savor every moment of cooking your own meal. 2. Spa Night -

Get Your aromatherapy on tonight! Light those Candles you have been hoarding from Bath and Body Works and dim the lights. Grab your favorite body oils and scrubs and head for the tub. Put on a soft music playlist and relax. Let the bubbles do the talking and clear your head. That breakup was probably for the best anyway sis. 3. Friends Night!!!

Nothing says we gon be alright like a night out with friends. But Get dressed to the 9's! Put on that Freakum Dress you been hiding in the back of your closet since 2017 and hit em up style. When you look your best you feel better. Plus nothing says confidence more than a woman out with her friends on Valentines looking like a whole snack. Go to a bar or two and let your hair down. Dance like no one is watching and enjoy you being you. Plus it helps to have your peeps around who can help keep ya spirits high and your glass full. Just make sure you don't leave the bar with the fine man who kept buying your drinks and dancing with you al night. You will probably end up preggers; That's the ghetto and I don't recommend (unless he is a millionaire wink wink) 4. Journal

If you just recently got out of a relationship. This just might be the day you don't want to be bothered. That's perfectly fine. Take some time and journal some of your thoughts. Talk about how you got here and how you plan to move forward. This is your time to cry, scream, or whateva makes you feel better. Even if it wasn't a breakup and you are just enjoying the night in, take a moment to reflect on the love in your life. Writing out your feelings is a great way to process things and get an understanding of what you are feeling. 5. Take A Social Media Break- Yeah today can be triggering, even when you didn't intend for it to be. So if your scroll on by game isn't strong, just relax and have a socials free night... weekend. Probably best to wait until Monday lol.

The opportunities are endless. Just remember you are loved and do what makes you happy today and every day! XoXo, E

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