Best Kept Social Media Hacks for Content Creators

If you are a content creator, you have probably run into several moments where you just hit creative roadblocks. You don't feel like you have any content to share on any platform. Most of the time this happens because you are burned out. You may be putting more energy than needed into keeping up with daily posts, and because of that your social media, see peaks and valleys! (I'm talking to myself as well)

So let's talk about some ways for you to be consistent, effective, and still have time to sleep!

1. Plan!

Listen if you fail to plan you plan to fail. It is that simple. Take a moment every month, week, and day and plan out your content. Make categories for your content:

  • Content I have to produce - content that is time-sensitive/deadline

  • Content I want to Produce - Regular content that you would like to produce during the month that is not time-sensitive.

  • Hail Mary Content - Content that you aren't sure about but would be interested in producing

The reason it is important to separate your content is that you want to be able to schedule your content during the month so that you are making the most of your time (We will get into that more next). Now that you see what you have to work with, you will also want to plan for that content. So for instance, if you are creating a YouTube video on the best hacks for social media, you would want to essentially plan out the layout of your video. Do you need B-Roll? Will You have guests? Will there be a voiceover? It may sound like a lot but trust me having a plan (outline) will help cut back significantly on editing time.

2. Schedule!

So you have your plan, now its time to schedule all the things. Color blocking or color coding can be very effective in regards to how you schedule your time. You are going to want to schedule the items that you planned but be effective. If it takes you 2 days to film, edit, and upload then you need to allocate the days for that activity and only book another activity if deemed relevant. For example, You don't want to schedule a photoshoot the same day the content is due, that is too much pressure. Instead, you would schedule your photoshoot with enough time allotted for editing and publishing. Everyone isn't able to create content full time, so it is important to have a plan and a schedule of when you can film, when you create when you can be a guest when you are able to take a break. You need visibility of all of that.

Once you have your content planned out and scheduled, you will find that pre-posting is truly the step that makes everything come together.

3. Pre-Posting!

As a content creator, you have probably struggled with the anxiety of wanting to post all your content right now vs waiting. The answer is to spread out your content, but that might not always be an easy task. You may have a ton of free time one day and then the next none at all. So this is where pre-posting comes in handy. There are several apps that now allow you to upload your content and schedule out to a future date. Even YouTube has a scheduling feature that allows you to upload your video and keep it private until your preferred time.

One of the apps that I have found to be the easiest to use and has the most benefits is Apphi. I love this app because it allows me to schedule both Instagram and Facebook group posts, Yes that is right both in one place. The app saves your history so you can use previous captions and tags. Not to mention the app also suggests tags for you to use. Once you have got all of your metadata complete, you are then able to schedule your post directly from the app. Unlike some of the other sites where you have to manually schedule, the app does the posting for you. The best part is that the app analyzes your feed and determines your best times to post. You can use the recommended times or chose your own. Are you ready to change your content creating life? This app is a true game-changer. Click here to sign up for Apphi through my affiliate link.

4. Engage!

You have done all the work editing pictures, finding the perfect caption, detailing every product mentioned, and still no results? You are probably not engaging the way you should be. No matter the outlet, the algorithms all indicate engagement. So what exactly is engagement?

Engagement is doing more than just liking a post. As a content creator, it is easy to get caught up on the number of likes you get on a post. But truthfully companies want to see comments aka engagement. That's how they know the real from the fake.

Creating engaging content is easy but remember engagement is two-fold. You also want to be engaging in the community. Take a few minutes out of the day and search your community hashtags. Like and comment (more than 5 words) on some pictures. Remember social media is about being social and creating communities.

5. Consistency

This may not seem like a hack, but I promise you it really is. The more consistent you are in your posts and uploads, the better results you have. If your favorite TV Show only came on once a month, would you remember it? Even if you set a DVR you will probably miss it in the fluff of everything else. You want people to not just watch one video but to buy into your brand. Consistency is the true key to mastering the social media world.

Most people think consistency means posting every day; while that may work for some, it won't work for everyone. Consistency looks different for everyone because we all lead different lives. So what does consistency look like in your life? Maybe you are only able to post 2 times a week because you have a rigorous schedule or maybe you can only post on the weekends. You find what works and be consistent with what works for you and your content.

Bonus Tip:

Relax and have fun.

Social media burnout is, in fact, a real thing. Try to keep it as fun as possible. Even though it is a second job if you want to be great, it doesn't mean it should be stressful. All the tips I gave you above will help you avoid burn out or just survive it with minimal impact to your coins. Trust YOUR process. Don't compare your progress to anyone else's progress.

When I say enjoy the process, I truly mean it. You are one of a kind. No one is pushing out your content. How amazing is that? Treat yourself like you have 1Million Followers already and watch how your perception changes.

Do you have any social media tips or tricks?

Share them down below.

Remember there is literally only one you and you are amazing!



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