Black Friday is Coming... Let Me Help You Sis | 5 Tips To Save During Black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner. Every store and their sister will have something on sale. Before we go crazy, lets at least devise a plan that will get us what we need and save our coins. Here are my five (5) tips to help you organize your Black Friday shopping:

Tip #1 : Know Your Budget!

It makes no sense to go broke because you didn't properly asses your finances before you started shopping. Be realistic. Only spend what you can afford, where it doesn't leave you in a bind. Pro Tip: Use Cash. Once the cash is gone, so is your spending!

Tip #2: Make A List of Items You Need First; Then Your Wants.

A good sale can be very distracting from our overall mission. If you already have working flat screens in all the rooms of your house, you don't need another one because its "on sale". Use this time to purchase for items for gifts, birthdays, or other special occasions. Pro Tip: Create a list of gifts or items you need to purchase for the holidays; then create a separate list for left over funds. Take care of your needs first then your wants. I promise it feels way more rewarding.

Tip #3: Search Big Box Store For Prices

Most Big Box stores allow you to price match with other brick and mortar (physical) stores. Take FULL advantage of this. If a store isn't in your area, this is a great way to save money and time. Pro Tip: Be sure to check out their individual store policies in and have the screenshot them. You may run into a "super worker" that doesn't know their own policies.

Tip #4: Highlight Any Deals Or Special Offers

Most manufacturer's will be offering rebates on items for specific stores. When you find the item that you want, review all the stores that may have that same item. You would be surprised how the store keeps the price higher and entices the consumer with the rebate. (The rebate is always one of those things that they can bank most people to loose or forget about. 6-8 weeks to get your money may or may not be worth the higher price) Pro Tip: Make a list of the stores that offer the item, find out the sale price and the rebate amount and determine which is actually the better deal.

Tip #5: Create A Shopping Plan

I am the queen of no backtracking because one... OCD, but two, it saves soooo much money. You can save a lot of time and energy by planning out your overall shopping day. Understand the times stores open. Check for Doorbusters and time constraint sales. You don't want to be at Old Navy just looking around when you should be at JcPenny getting next years school clothes for 75% before 10 am. Pro Tip: Map out your trip by the stores that open first or have the best deals by a certain time.

I hope these tips were helpful to help you have an enjoyable and cost effective Black Friday. All of this can be applied to online shopping as well. Just be smart and conscious of your time.

Click Here for a free Black Friday Printable. It will help you with online orders or shopping and has a notes page to take notes and plan ahead :)


Elaine Michelle

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