Budget misses are on tour.

Its so funny to say that we are on a tour but WE ARE ON A WORLD TOUR! LOL okay more like a US Tour, but hey we speaking it into existence. Right now we have a plan to hit 5 cities in 2019, which started with Atlanta in January. Next on the list is Memphis, then New York, then Texas, then Cali!

The workshops are an opportunity for you get face to face budgeting and money management techniques. We allow guests to ask questions and share stories. This workshop is a way to build your knowledge and also learn from not only the Budget Misses but from other peers as well.

I am excited about these workshops because I enjoy meeting people and helping. Being behind the camera is nice, but it is nothing like being able to reach out and touch! Come out and join us at the location nearest you. We will be posting dates for upcoming events on the Budget Misses Page here on my site.



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