Creating a Planning Routine

As I began to get more into planning, I realized there are some things that are repetitious in my planning process. But the funny thing is, I would sometimes forget what those were. (I know a planner that forgets things? Oxi-moron, right?)

Now that I am in my A5 Rings planner from Notiq, I have found all kinds of new planner inspirations. I watched video upon video of planner setups, just to see what I could be missing and needed to add. That is when I discovered a Planning Routine insert from @MadyPlans Planner SetUp Video ! Ding-Ding Ding! This was absolutely genius and I needed to create one for myself.

I sat down and reviewed all of my routine planning items. These were things that I needed to review to have my planner in its most productive state ever. I decided on 4 categories, that wouldn't overwhelm me but would give me a great way to stay on top of things. I chose: Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. After all, this was how I planned my life anyway so it made complete sense.

Here are some easy items I came up with to help you with your planning routine.

Yearly Planning

These are the items that happen once a year and usually planned out further in advance.

  1. Birthdays

  2. Anniversary's

  3. Vacations

  4. Annual Bills

  5. Annual Appointments.


These are the items that happen on a monthly basis.

  1. Check Digital Calendars

  2. Social Media Calendar

  3. Review previous Month / Notes

*This is a great place to review your budget and mark any irregular bills that may be occurring during the month.


These are the items that happen weekly basis.

  1. Review Monthly Calendar

  2. Check Digital Calendar

  3. Create A To-Do List

  4. Create A Brain Dump

  5. Input tasks by priority

  6. Scripture Writing/ Reading


These are the items that happen on a daily basis.

  1. Review Monthly Calendar

  2. Check Work Calendar

  3. Check Digital Calendar

  4. Create Daily Top Targets

  5. To-Do List for the day

  6. Scripture

These are all the different items that I came up with for me to hold myself accountable. Everyone has different needs based on their lifestyles. I created an editable document over on Canva for you to use, which will allow you to create your own planning routine.

Planning Routine Sheets

(Download as PDF and open it in Canva. Print as a PDF with Crop Marks for your size)


Happy Planner Classic-

Happy Planner Big -

Personal Size -

Editable Versions:

Let me know what you think about creating a planning routine and what you come up with!



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