Girl Stop Apologizing and Let’s Get Back On Track

I recently read a book by Rachel Hollis entitled "Girl Stop Apologizing". I really enjoyed reading this book and was so inspired to start living my life unapologetically. She gave some amazing nuggets to help you sort past some trauma and get to living. So when I saw that there was a whole lineup of planners, journals, and notebooks available at Target, I stopped dead in my tracks.

Apparently I am late to the Rachel Hollis game, but that is ok because I am here now. So allow me to introduce her newest line of products to help you get your life together.

Goals / Priority Planner

3-Month overview with checkpoints • Weekly and daily planning pages • Quarterly and weekly reviews • Fill-in-the-blank dates • Inspirational ribbon page marker • Extra pages for notes

What I really liked about the inside of this planner was that it helps you organize your goals and see them through. Quarterly goals are a great length for me to commit to without feeling overwhelmed.

Here are the links to the Priority Planner


150 Pages • 3 Sections with unique paper styles spiral bound • Pocket sleeves to hold loose papers inspirational sectional dividers

I loved that the notebook was broken down into 3 sections. This is a great idea for brainstorming ideas and pre-planning.

You can grab your notebook here

Daily Journal

90 Daily pages • Gratitude + goal setting practice • Ten-year dream visualization • Fill-in-the-blank dates • Inspirational ribbon page marker • Extra pages for notes

The size of this journal is just right for everyday carry. I also love that it is filled with gratitude and goal setting. I can see myself using this journal as a night time detox. Putting it right beside my bed for those nightly brainstorming sessions and a way to get my brain relaxed.

There were three different covers available to choose from. Here are the links to the Journals:

I really think planners and journals like this are great gateways to helping get your life together. They help you to get your ideas out and hold yourself accountable. I really love the structure of the journal because It gives you a time frame on completing your tasks and really being productive. So excited about getting started in my Priority Planner this weekend.


Elaine Michelle


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