My Favorite Brand Just Gave Me CHIC-LUXE LIFE!!!: Notiq Brand New Arrivals

If you have been following me for a while now, you have probably seen me go, goo goo and ga ga over any and everything from Notiq. This brand has truly changed the way I see luxury stationery in more ways than one. Now Notiq has added an amazing set to its collection, and it got the gworls going crazy.

Introducing the Lady Box Set with Train Case. This is the complete package of items you didn't even know you needed, to step up your chic lifestyle. Who doesn't love a train case? Does it not give you the nostalgia for your fly auntie that would come to visit that you wanted to be just like? (For the record, I have now become that Auntie and I wear my badge with pride. Insert Cardi B sticking her tongue and saying OOOWWWW)

(Before you or I get so excited and forget, use code EMich10 to save 10% on your order!)

Ok now, let's break down this set and all of its goodies:


I have never owned one of those fancy scarves that we used to see Aunt Viv wear (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And yes she is my auntie). I always thought when I got older and married my rich husband, I too would walk around in cashmere sweaters and fancy scarves. Well here I am in my 30's and no rich husband (yet) and the closest thing I have to a cashmere sweater is a fancy an A New Day sweater from Target.

So when I opened up the box and saw the scarf, I realized this was the moment I've waited for. I had stepped into eliteness; I was now apart of the upper echelon of women. I now had a fancy scarf to wear. It is so nice and fancy, I've decided it would be better fitted to tie to my purse rather than actually wear it. I can't risk getting it dirty from makeup or food. I can't wait to be fancy after quarantine and show it off at a girlfriend's brunch date with Tay.

Notiq has three different scarves available, ranging from $39-$69. You can see the entire collection here.

Train Case

There are two options to choose: black or pink. Of course, I chose PINK because well, it's pink. The see-through exterior is what really grabbed my attention because it was different. Not only that but I thought about traveling, this would make things really easy for TSA! Its made from vegan leather and it feels soooooooooooooooo good! The inside is a nice plum color. It is the perfect combination of Pink and Plum together, that I didn't know existed.

I love the size of this train case the most. It isn't too big and it isn't too small. It is just right for my essential makeup items or toiletries (Honestly thinking of ordering the black one so I won't have to choose which items get to be fancy). This will help me from overpacking extra items as well. Not to mention, it can double as a traveling planner stash case. You can fit all of your knick nacks in here and look extra chic when you show up to your planner meetup. The possibilities are endless.

Ohhh and let's not forget the cosmetic bag that comes inside! Perfect hideaway for the items you don't want to be seen. The rose gold accents and merlot colored fabric inside, really makes this cosmetic bag one of a kind.

*Note you also have the option to purchase the Train Case separately for $89, here .


These stationery items are sure to step your regular writing and mailing game up. The designs on these notecards and pocket journals are absolutely breathtaking. Fun fact they are actually hand-drawn by the owner V.J. The notecards even come with embossed seals! EMBOSSED SEALS! If that isn't chic, I don't know what it is! I seriously can't wait to send one to my mom and make her feel all the chic feels.

You can also purchase the stationery separately here

Here is a list of everything included in the Lady Box Set!

  • 1 Bella Blush Vegan Leather Cosmetic Train Case with Rose Gold Zipper and Rose Gold Branding | $89

  • 1 Bella Blush Vegan Leather Cosmetic Bag with Blind Branding | $19

  • 1 Annabelle Paris Silk Scarf, Hand-Drawn by NOTIQ's Founder, V.J. | $49

  • 1 You are Going Places Nude Shimmer Note Card, Hand-drawn by V.J. | $7

  • 1 Duo Rose - Elegant Thank You Note Card, Hand-drawn by V.J. | $5

  • 1 Eyes of Lily - Elegant Praying For You Note Card, Hand-drawn by V.J. | $5

  • 1 Elegant Notes Pocket Journal, Hand-drawn by V.J. | $7.50

  • Complimentary Shipping, USA | $12.50 - $17.50 avg.

  • Lady Box Exclusive Package Value | $199

Check out my unboxing video of all of my new goodies. Don't forget to use code EMich10 to save 10% on your entire order!




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