Whewww chileeeeee! Talk about triggered early in the morning. Here I am minding my own business (I promise I really was), getting ready for my daily dose of The Breakfast Club, and boom I hear the foolery of the day. Yes you read that right... Today June 12, 2019 has been declared #NationalBlackMenDontCheatDay and they put a beat and lyrics to it. (Insert palm to face emoji)

Now I've heard Charlamange say this quite often on the show, but the fact that its a whole hash tag had me "in my feelings. It feels as though they are simply making a joke out of society normalizing cheating or are they? It is still out for debate on if all black men cheat, but from my own personal and I mean personal experience, Black Men, in fact do cheat.

Again I can't say it is all of them because I would like to think my daddy, who has been married to my mother for almost 50 years, hasn't cheated. But in today's day an age, being monogamous, is a thing of the past. It is much trendy to have a bunch of women ready to fight over you than to have one woman to hold you down. I don't even know if we can blame it on upbringing because I've been cheated on by men with both parents, one parent, no parents, etc. There is always a need or feeling that they want to fulfill aka EGO. I will say they all have apologized at some time or another admitting that they were stupid, but "who are me to judge" (Andre Caldwell voice).

Side note: Just realized how bitter I sound, I better bring this up in my next therapy session! Ok carry on...

Putting my past experiences of being cheating on to the side, it made me wonder at what age does this Black Men Don't Cheat Movement begin? Or should I say stage? I ask because most men go through their hoe phase for years and years before they decide to get their life together (even when they are married... no tea no shade... I ain't talking bout your man sis sheesh). Perfect example: Jay-Z. Literally wrote a lyric that said "I got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain"; and even after marrying Beyonce and having a child with her, HE CHEATED. How the heck do you cheat on Beyonce? I mean Jay-Z is well into his 40's, so its interesting that a man of his caliber with literally the most sought after woman in the world, would cheat. What stage was he in that caused him to cheat and what is the stage after they cheat and realize it isn't worth it that they stop? Asking for a friend of course.

I want to believe this Black Men Don't Cheat movement, but truthfully, Y'all need More People. I wish there were more recent stories of love success without scandal and heartbreak. Why does it take cheating for someone to realize what they have/had? Why is it that it is only at a certain stage men have their light bulb kick on and realize that its easier to be faithful than to cheat? What exactly are they looking for anyway?Anywho, after all my feelings came out... I got to thinking. What if there was a national Black Women Don't Cheat Day? How would that make men feel? Or do we even care? Well let me sip this purely filtered water and go back to these thirst trap tweets about how #BlackMenDontCheat

Check out the new summer anthem here lol : Black Men Don't Cheat by Lil Duval feat Charlamagne


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