Plan·ner Guilt

plan·ner guilt

/ˈplanər/ /gilt/

the feeling that you have not used all of your planners.

Sure this isn't a real thing, but it should be. I feel it almost every week. Some how, some way, I find my self loving on one planner more than the other and leaving one by the way side. Then by the end of the week, I feel guilt that I haven't used that planner and my cycle starts all over again each Sunday. Sound familiar?

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Many of us have and use multiple planners, but it is so easy to just push one to the side without even knowing it. My ever journey to find "Planner Peace" was driving me to Planner Chaos, and I needed to break up with this notion. I got to thinking about my recent cycle and asked myself "How do I break this?".

So I have decided to evaluate my lifestyle and see what actually works for me. I came up with some simple ways to avoid planner guilt and live your best planner life.

1. Memory Planning -

Maybe you didn't use a planner this week, well there is nothing holding you back saying you can't memory plan aka back planning. To some this may seem like a waste of time, but it could really be helpful in capturing all the added things you did that week. Maybe a friend called or you had to work extra hours, or your child lost a tooth, memory planning is a great way to capture that.

2. Journal -

So you have decorated your favorite planner and its ready for the week, use the other planner as a hub for daily journaling. You can write from journal prompts see ( or create your own. It is a great way to get ideas sparking and release.

3. Brain Dump -

Use the least loved planner as a daily brain dump. Maybe right before you go to bed, you spend 5 minutes unleashing the kracken from your brain and putting it to paper. (Sounds dramatic I know). Or before you start your day you brain dump ideas you got while you were dreaming. Some of my best business ideas have to come to me in dreams and then I wake up and completely fill up a page with ideas.

The purpose in planning is to help you stay organized. Why not organize your thoughts and memories? These are simple ways you can finesse your planner to fit for what you are in need of. For me it can change week to week or month to month, but I have to flexible and willing to make the process work for me.

What are some ways you use your planners? Share and Comment below!

Side Note: Even if you are a one planner girl, what are the ways you make your one planner work for you?



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