self love is the best love.

Updated: May 8, 2020

I have not always been the type to show love to myself. I would love everyone else, I'm talking about compliments and doing for, before I would do for myself. I really wanted approval from others and let that guide the way I loved on myself. I put alot of energy into others and now that I am maturing I realize the importance of loving myself. Self love is important because how can I can give true love if I don't love myself first. How can I be good for others if I am not good for myself? Answer is I Can't.

Now I take time to care about myself and love on me. I stress the importance of me time to my family so that they understand Mama just needs some time so I can continue to be a great mom. I take breaks at work when I get too stressed and overwhelmed. I FOCUS ON ME. I believe this is helping me to truly live my best life. I can't express the way I feel most days. It is still a process but even just understanding myself more has truly helped me to love on ME. So lets take a second and reflect on your own Self Love. What are ways that you show self love?

Isis Ella Jewels owner Erica, released a Self Love box through her Jewel Box Subscription. This Self Love box is everything to help get you get started with Self Love/Self Care. She collaborated with two amazing ladies , The Visionary Miai and JournalJotandJive, and they were able to come up with some amazing products for your planner/journal. There are papers, acetate, die cuts, paper clips, notepad, and of course... STICKERS. My favorite is the notepad; It allows us to take a minute and reflect on our day and how we are feeling. I have actually been keeping one in my office so that I can write on it every couple days to help me refocus my thoughts.

I was not only blessed with a box, but she sent me an extra Self Love Box and A Crown Extras Box to giveaway to two lucky followers. I am giving my blog followers early access to the giveaway before I release the YouTube video. Here is the link to the giveaway



Special Thanks to Erica for her love and support. I appreciate your life!Make sure you visit the Jewel Box Website and Isis Ella Jewels for some amazing planner accessories!

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