Somebody Call Passa: Teddy Riley Needs New Internet... #TeddyRileyVsBabyface

First let me start by saying that I love music. My favorite genre of music is R&B. You know that good R&B that makes you wanna be in love or lay in your bed until the pain goes away. That 90's R&B. I may not know all the words, but baby I will HUM YOU DOWN any day! Music has been the soundtrack to my life for as long as I can remember! So when these #Verzuz battles started on IG, I got my entire life. But when they announced that Babyface and Teddy Riley were going to go head to head, I had mixed emotions.

On one hand, I was super excited because these are two legendary super producers. They each have created a sound that will be recognized for generations to come. Then, on the other hand, they have two completely different producing styles. Teddy is more upbeat and Babyface is literally the "cool". So I was up in the air about how this would go and to my surprise, I was spot on.

Last Saturday we all got dressed up and ready for the most epic battle of all time. Babyface showed up after a battle with Covid19, looking like his usual cool cat daddy self (he is literally that uncle that only drinks fine liquor and always has on slow jams for the "ladies"). It was just him, his og earbuds (apple earbuds with the string) and some drank. His smooth voice was so refreshing and gave us all the feels before the music even started. But then there was Teddy. Chileeeeee, somebody call Passa because he clearly wasn't practicing social distancing. Y'all uncle had a full entourage of people, from assistants to dancers to a DJ... Teddy was about to put on a show. He had mics, a drum set, and a backdrop, I mean as soon as you saw the setup your mind said "Dis tew murch!" Nevertheless, we were ready for the show to begin.

I don't know if this was Baby Jesus himself coming to tell Teddy he was doing to much, but we were one song in and the internet started going in and out... on Teddy's end. You could barely hear anything and it just was an echoing mess. His crew tells him that it's Babyface that is causing the problem. No, not the million electronics plugged up and running in one room, but the man who hasn't moved since it started is the problem. Babyface was so polite and shady, he obliged to what they asked him to do and yet the sound was still horrible. Somehow it gets clear for a second and they tell Babyface who literally did nothing, that whatever he did was perfect. I like to have fell out. Long story short they end up getting a call from SwizzBeatz (somehow SwizzBeatz turned this into a money stream... I'm investigating that) telling them to just stop the live and try again. After many tries, they finally just "threw the tile in". (Click here to see part 1 of the battle)

You are probably wondering why I keep using tile instead of towel? During the end of the battle, Tyrese was trying to tell them to "throw the towel in" but instead typed "throw the tile in". Yall know black twitter doesn't miss a thing, it became an instant meme. Actually, this night produced some of the greatest memes I have seen in a while. One thing about the culture, when life hands us lemons, we make pitchers of lemonade! They lit Teddy up and I wasn't mad at it at all. I mean he literally came on doing too much and this is the exact outcome when you do too much. Hashtag: less is more.

After all the technical difficulties, I was happy that they rescheduled to Monday night. This time Teddy came with less, kinda. He didn't have a big production or extra visible people (until the end) it was just him and his speakers. My heart smiled that he had actually listened. Babyface once again came with a velvet smokers jacket, wine, and music. This looked like we were going to get the show we expected Saturday.

When I tell yall it was epic! It was epic. First of all they broke the internet literally. 500,000 people were tuned in live on IG to watch. You couldn't even get a seat in that thang. I got kicked out of the nosebleeds. I ended up watching on KevOnStage IG until I wised up and tried my iPad. I was back and got better seats might I add. Anywho, just as things were looking up, Teddy's internet was crashing. Chileeeeeeee, I don't know who sold him this here prepaid internet package but they will be offered up as well. Now we could say it was IG, except for Babyface was still clear and we could hear him just fine. This went on for another hour. We suffered through it because the hits were coming.

As the internet connection worsened on Teddy's end, the shade from Uncle Kenny got even better. I never knew he was this shady, but baby he gave us some one-liners that I will never forget.

"I like your explosions", "Oh, you made that at your house?", and the greatest of all time, " I don't do remixes anyway".

Alright, I have talked about everything that happened but the music. I wanted to make sure you got a full view of shenanigans I was dealing with to try and pick a winner. Here is a list of the songs that they did round for round. Even the extra rounds that Teddy made up or mysteriously disappeared.

I love that they both gave the history of the song they chose before playing it, but Babyface won the keep it cool award for song transitions. Teddy would come with a dance banger and Babyface would mellow us back out. This was a big reason, I found it hard for them to battle. I mean Teddy produced "Remember the Time" song by Michael Jackson for pete's sake. So it was really hard to compare a Babyface soulful classic like Toni Braxton's "You're Making Me High" to Wreck-N-Effect's "Rump Shaker".


Even though this was super hard, I will say that they both won in overall song greatness, but Babyface won in delivery! He was able to give us everything we needed including singing "When Will I See You Again" acoustically with his guitar. And for me, the last punch counts more than anything. Babyface gave us a seamless mix of Count On Me and When You Believe which feature the late and great Whitney Houston. That sealed the deal and was the TKO for the night. --Sidebar, Teddy really should've come with Remember the Time as his knock out. He didn't play that song till after he wouldn't let Babyface back into the live. (LOL)

So if you ask me who won.... BABYFACE! But I still stick to my original thought that this was not a balanced fight musically but accomplishment wise I got it. They are two of the most iconic producers that have blessed our ears. They each created there own sound and made major moves for the R&B culture.

Just in case you missed it or got tired of the technical difficulties, I have a video posted below of Mondays Match up.

What are your thoughts on the match up? Who do you think won? What was your favorite moment from the battle?

Don't forget to share your favorite meme with me too!

Oh wait, forgot to share the playlist someone blessed my Apple Music with as well. Click here to get the entire playlist from the battle! You're welcome (Thanks to Ciara and her connections to famous peoples kids)



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